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My Genuine Enthusiasm for Playing Undertale

WARNING: I’ll make spoilers while discussing the game, so be aware.

By now, I think it’s clear that the posts on this blog have no ambition to delve into the finesse of game design, game development or art in general.

If it wasn’t clear enough already, read aloud the title of this post again: Undertale is so cool!

And I mean that, seriously.

Undertale and I

I finished my first run of Undertale just a couple of weeks ago.

It was amazing. I didn’t enjoy every moment of the game (the first half in particular had me puzzled by the game’s pacing) but when it clicked for me, I was captured.

I have many thoughts in my mindregarding the game, but I will probably wait to finish the second run and get one of the True Endings before delving deeper into an Undertale analysis here on the blog.

Filled with determination

Just a quick impression: I absolutely loved the final boss battle against Asgore and the pacing of the final final boss battle against Flowey.

Asgore struck me with the emotional scale of the fight (don’t get me started on how well Toby Fox employed foreshadowing to hype the player for the battle with the King of Monsters).

At the same time, the battle against Flowey was incredibly rewarding to play through.

Can’t wait to write more about the game. See ya!

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