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Red Nights

My Contribution in Short

  • Narrative Designer (wrote plot and characters’ backgrounds)
  • Level Designer (designed and blocked out Stage 4 and 5)
  • Vide Editor (video and audio edited the cutscenes; directed the voice actor)
  • Project Manager (general coordination of the team and time management)
  • Pitcher (created slides and presented the game to stakeholders)

For a detailed account of my contribution, you can go here.

The Game

Red Nights was the final project of my first year at Event Horizon School’s Game Design course in Turin. We were a team of six people. At the end of the development, we published the game on

Red Nights is a 2.5D side-scroller platform with stealth and action elements set in the World of Darkness using Paradox Interactive’s World of Darkness Unbound license.

The player takes the role of Erina, a Ventrue vampire acting as the Hound for the Prince of New York City. When a mortal tied to her is kidnapped, Erina goes on a private quest to free him.

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